Hosting : purchase and configuration

If this is your first time creating a website, the purchase and configuration would be a bit difficult to finalize, that's for sure. First times have always been difficult, but if you consider it a challenge you will succeed. How to buy and configure a hosting? That's the question this article answers.

Why do you need hosting?

After you create a website, the website code is automatically stored in one place. In reality, they are stored on a server that is on the internet at all times.  This is what is called hosting, it is hosting companies like Virtua.Cloud that offer this service. In other words, it gives a little space for a fee that will allow you to save your documents and files online.

Buying hosting

Since before buying a domain name you have created an account with the hosting company, it is possible that you go to their site and register. If you choose one person to purchase hosting and domain name, the single account is more than enough. Otherwise, you will need two accounts, one for hosting and one for the domain name. Once you are already registered, choose the package that is best for you. Choose an unlimited domain name package if you want to create a lot of sites. Once you pay, an email with the following information (DNS server, login, FTP time) will be sent to your email address. 

Some characteristics of a good web host

Those who create new websites need hosting systems that are not complex and not expensive. Usually, web hosts offer up to four plans to customers to choose from according to their needs. Beginners often choose shared hosting because it offers them: 
Storage space; 
A commendation panel; 
A perfect security; 
After-sales service.